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Play The contracts concluded for the provision of services or for the utility supply can be expressed only in lei, if both the issuers and the recipients are Romanian residents, stipulates a legislative proposal initiated by Social Democratic Party PSD Senator Daniel Zamfir.

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All contracts will be expressed in lei and, consequently, the invoices will no longer be reported at the euro exchange rate on the video pro vision of issue. That is enough!

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The devaluation of the domestic currency must be supported by both the service provider and the consumer! According to the draft regarding the consolidation of the national currency as the single payment currency on the Romanian territory, the utilities are defined as water supply, sewage video pro vision wastewater treatment, the collection, drainage and prolactină și vedere crescute of rainwater, thermal energy supply in centralized system, the sanitation of localities, public lighting, natural gas supply, local public passenger transport, landline or mobile telephony, internet, cable or digital television and the like.

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The legislative proposal concerns any other payments, receipts, transfers, transactions in current accounts and the like resulting from the sales of goods and the provision of services between residents, including loans, credits, leasing, insurance, service, freight or passenger transport, parcel services, courier or mailing, whether they are recorded or not by invoices. All other transactions between residents, which are not the subject of trade in goods and services, can be freely carried out, either in the national currency RON or in foreign currency, but only based on the parties' deliberate agreement," the draft further envisages.

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