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But in a sense, the conference was itself colour-full, with a rich palette of therapies and an inspiring vision of healing with light. The feeling înregistrare pentru viziune this conference was of warmth and light coming from every person.

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These optometrists went beyond the simple prescription of corrective glasses, and came to an understanding of the huge therapeutic effect of certain colours on health. They use red, indigo-violet and yellow-green yes, the coMra-colours! Înregistrare pentru viziune extensive group of people, operating since under the banner of the College of Syntonic Optometry in the USA, has a very strong spirit.

The recent clinical studies and discoveries concerning the cellular mechanisms of Low Level Laser Therapy and phototherapy started to confirm what they have observed in thousands of patients since the s.

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One of the leaders of syntonics contacted us and invited us to the conference. He experiments with colours, sequences, sacred geometry and magnets and so when he saw our approach to healing he immediately wanted us to come! My presentation was scheduled for the third day, and before that I spent my time attending lectures and helping Garrett at our exhibitor table.

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From the beginning we placed some chairs in front of our table and offered treatments. All day long we showed the device and gave treatments - mostly for shoulders, knees and wrists, but also for necks, kidney pain, hip pain, eczema, tight muscles, headaches and back pain. Garrett was most respectful, warm and sincere. I was uplifted by his smooth sharing and his professionalism in treating people.

Produsele, tehnologiile și serviciile noastre au un efect semnificativ la nivel mondial. Viziunea noastră Să îmbunătățim calitatea vieții și a mediului prin utilizarea tehnologiilor și serviciilor de alimentare cu energie. Cultura unei societăți este înregistrare pentru viziune de scopul, credințele, comportamentele și atitudinile sale specifice Scopul nostru comun este perfect ilustrat de viziunea noastră - el întărește importanța pe care o acordăm impactului nostru profund asupra lumii, pe măsură ce nevoia de energie continuă să crească. Știm că pentru a realiza această viziune trebuie : Să asigurăm dezvoltarea angajaților noștri ajutându-i să reușească nu numai la locul de muncă, ci și în viață Să-i încântăm pe clienții noștri prin înțelegerea provocărilor lor și prin furnizarea de soluții reale, în mod proactiv Să respectăm promisiunile făcute  acționarilor noștri acționând etic și corect Să sprijinim comunitățile noastre oferind timp și talent pentru a satisface nevoile sociale și economice acolo unde lucrăm și trăim.

We encouraged everyone to come times during a day to repeat the treatments. Many treated themselves on all înregistrare pentru viziune days of the conference. The Delta did its magic! Wows and Ahhhs were heard all the time!

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The lady from a booth opposite to us came and treated her wrist - relief was immediate! And so on.

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Interestingly, once the attendees had learned about the different terminals, they started to explain the technology to other participants if we were busy! On the second day of the conference there was a lunch at which we were given a few minutes to introduce ourselves and our product. I introduced Garrett and myself, and Garrett briefly talked about the Delta and our Miopia care a câștigat. The third day of the conference was înregistrare pentru viziune day that I gave my presentation!

It was in the afternoon - and it was the last in the program! I was thrilled, as it seemed that my presentation made some impact.

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Many people expressed how deeply they resonated with it. Syntonic Optometry and coMra-Therapy As I started to learn more about syntonic optometry I noted the direct correspondences between some fundamental principles of the use înregistrare pentru viziune colour in syntonic optometry and coMra-Therapy. And these correspondences are even more impressive because we arrived panouri vizuale similar conclusions completely independently.

The founding father of syntonic optometry, Riley Spitler, proposed that most chronic systemic, mental, emotional and visual disorders are related to imbalance in the autonomic nervous system and endocrine system. Application of light of certain wavelengths colours directly through the eye can rebalance these systems by modulating the regulatory activity of the thalamus and hypothalamus [1, 2].

The experiences of thousands of optometrists worldwide over the last 80 years continue to confirm the validity of the original model proposed by Spitler.

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A vast body of research confirms the biomodulatory effect of light on the skin [see for example ]. The colours that are used in syntonic optometry form a continuum from red to yellow-green to indigo-violet. Colours in the red part of the spectrum stimulate the sympathetic nervous system fight or flight response.

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Colours in the opposite indigo-violet part, on the other hand, promote the parasympathetic nervous system and act as sensory and motor depressants. And yellow-green occupies the mid section of the spectrum and is a universal balancer. The colours are often used in sequence, with yellow-green always being the last.


In coMra-Therapy we use colours from all three parts of the syntonics spectrum: red, indigo-violet and yellow-green. And this colour sequence is used in the Regenerative mode of LED application.

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All these correspondences are very exciting and open a new window into understanding of healing with light. References 1.

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Spitler HR The Syntonic Înregistrare pentru viziune. The College of Syntonic Optometry. Pueldo, Colorado.

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Syntonic phototherapy. Photomedicine and Laser Surgery. Chow R Phototherapy and the Peripheral Nervous System. Dyson M How photons modulate wound healing via the immune system.

The effect of phototherapy on neutrophils.

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International Immunopharmacology.

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