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Share this article Share But after being referred to a specialist eye clinic, doctors confirmed Callum was suffering from retinoblastoma, a type of eye cancer that affects just children each year in the UK. The disease generally develops in children under the age of five, however some are born with it.

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It develops in the cells of the retina, the light-sensitive lining of the eye. Symptoms of retinoblastoma can include an abnormal appearance of the pupil, which tends to reflect light as a white reflex.

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Surgery: Callum aged 11 months, covering from the operation to remove his eye at Birmingham Children's Hospital Rare: Retinoblastoma, îmbunătățirea vederii acasă type of cancer that Callum pictured here with mother Erin was suffering from, affects just children each year in the UK Replacement: After losing his right eye, Callum with father Dan was fitted with an artificial one Some children have a squint, however less common signs are a deterioration of vision, a red and irritated pupil without infection or a change to the colour of one iris.

The youngster, from Leeds, underwent the operation at Birmingham Children's Hospital when he was just months old. His father Daniel, 34, said: 'It seemed harsh and it was tough making the decision to take out our son's eye but we had to be blunt about it.

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Callum will be given replacement artificial eyes as he gets older and his eye socket expands Hope: Callum's mother Erin is now trying to raise awareness of the rare condition 'Callum had a category D tumour so it was very big,' said his mother, a PE teacher. It's a small porous ball which a shell is fitted on top of, like a big contact lens.

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He will be given replacement artificial eyes as he gets older and his eye socket expands. Mrs Holmes said: 'It's amazing how they can make bespoke eyes for your child. If felt like I had got my son back seeing him with two eyes again, it was all a very surreal experience.

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Awareness: The family now wants other parents to check their children's eyes 'The artificial eyes are very realistic and they will make as many as we want until we find one that looks as good as possible for Callum. Callum's father Dan, a finance director, added: 'If Erin hadn't spotted his eyes shining, it could have been a very different outcome. We feel so lucky that everything has worked pupil eye sight sight one so well.

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